delayed whines

the whinings of me. a storm-in-a-teacup reaction to minor mother-daughter clashes.

24 April, 2006


So, mother's gone. As of Sunday. She's still texting me, but I think I can cope with it knowing I don't come back to her at the end of the day.

She expressed care for me, found myself slightly teary-eyed. Despite all the bitterness between us both, she's trying to show concern for me. Was I touched? Maybe. Or maybe, it's the time of the month.

Anyway, a new chapter in life began on Monday. It hasn't quite sunk in as I have to move this weekend. Maybe new place, new chapter. Anyhow, the blogging days are coming to a close. There won't be much to say anymore. Unless something major happens. Let's hope it won't be soon. Will see mother in about 3 and a half month's time. So, maybe then, there might be something to say. As is always the case.

So, dear reader(s), GOODBYE for now......


19 April, 2006

Praetorian Guard

What a well-guarded life;

1) Undercover cop watching her on the night of the MEMORIAL

2) Stalker at IKEA, watching what she looks at and what she buys.

3) Realtors coming over to see whether she's taken any of the fixtures from the house.


17 April, 2006

Free moral agent

It's another 6 days til mother is AWAY from me. Another new chapter in my life. Not that I won't see her anymore, should be seeing her sometime in July/August, but it's 3 months of momentary bliss.

Should try to milk some joy and satisfaction from it.


1) The air-conditining in the HALL was turned off before the meeting ended so she had to 'run for her life'. Now, why would they do that?

2) If you were rudely woken up in the morning, over some trivial problem, wouldn't you have a face that looked like you wanted to pick a fight with the trouble maker?

3) When I do show consideration for mother by not requesting any meals while she's busy packing, she miscontrues it, and says that I'm not showing consideration by not telling her that I don't want any meals. I never have asked for meals. Therefore, if I didn't say I don't want a meal means I don't want a meal as per usual. Why, should I, suddenly say, I don't want a meal?! It's redundant!

4) I'm imperfect. I forget. I get distracted. I'm sometimes tired. I'm getting old. So~ if I do forget to do the usual routine that you like, doesn't mean that I'm purposely doing it to irritate you.

5) Sometimes when things go 'missing', it means that you've placed it somewhere else. Please don't start claiming that someone came and took it away. Spend just a little more time to look for it.

6) Please stop complaining about how other people drive. You should know by now that every other driver is an idiot, except you.

7) I know, your car alarm has a life of its own. Just don't blame the neighbours. I don't think they're that technologically savvy as to be able to clone the frequency of your remote.


ps: as this blog is about mother and I, I will take the liberty to post any song lyrics that I deem expresses my feelings for mother.

12 April, 2006

Psalm 1


You seem to find the dark, when everything is bright
You look for all that's wrong, instead of all that’s right
Does it feel good to you? To rain on my parade
You never say a word, unless it's to complain
It's driving me insane

If I Were You, holding the world right in my hands
The first thing I'd do, is thank the stars for all that I have
If I Were You

Look what surrounds you now, more than you ever dreamed
Have you forgotten just, how hard it used to be?
So what's it going to take? For you to realize
That it all could go away, in one blink of an eye
It happens all the time

If I Were You, holding the world right in my hands
The first thing I'd do, is thank the stars above, tell the ones I love
That I do

Yea If I Were You,
Whoa, yea If I Were You
If I Were You, whoaaaa
If I Were You

So what's it going to take? For you to realize
It all could go away, in one blink of an eye
It happens all the time!

If I Were You, holding the world right in my hands
The first thing I'd do, is thank the stars above, for the ones I love
Take a breath and enjoy the view
Live the life that I wanted to
If I Were You... If I Were You... If I Were You!


08 April, 2006


So she goes away for 3 nights. Now she's been barfed back home.

1) I didn't answer her texts. And it's a specific text. Spies deleted it before it got to her.

2) Her car drove itself out for 3km and back again.

3) Her business brochures have disappeared from her locked room. So what's new?


05 April, 2006


It's been quieter around home. Only because mother and I will be parting ways in 19 days. Yes, you read right! 19 DAYS! I know, I know, I did say a few months but I also did mention that mother was asking about May. And she kept her word! Wow! So, yeah, mother will be leaving in a few hours to look for her house in the new town. Should be there 3/4 days. No matter to me. Me likey~

Quieter doesn't necessarily mean nothing's happened. Well, first there was the complain that her car alarm does not function when there are people standing or sitting idly in their cars nearby. But it always work when she's alone or back in the house. This supposedly happened thrice.

Another huge un-coincidence when the people she was to visit were already going to have a visitor by the same name as herself. Then, our current houseowner has a friend with the same name as herself coming over to view the house that we're vacating. NOT a coincidence.

Then there was today. She was calling up a hotel to make reservations and she says they were making a load of noise at the background to test her hearing. Somewhat like what a hospital runs to test your ear. Uh-huh~

Later in the night, she discovered someone had stolen her luggage lock and key, and messed up the PIN of the rest. Sigh.

She is one heckuva persecuted being.

Anyway, the chaos will start this weekend onwards. There could be, possibly, more incidences. We'll just have to wait and see.


Update: 4 hours after this post, mother tells me that her plastic bathtub was intentionally cracked. Claims the people who were here to view the house are the culprits, performing the deed while she was out momentarily yesterday.

28 March, 2006

False comfort

Let's see, in the past 5 days, I've been pouring stinking chemicals in the kitchen. It smells like a dead rat, by the way.

Have been woken up at 1:15a.m. to search for an alarm clock that I've taken. If the alarm clock is not found, mother cannot sleep. Seriously. Because there's nothing else in the house that can wake her up. Not even her mobile phone. That stupid thing cost RM900 but it doesn't have an alarm function. Anyway, the missing alarm clock was found. By me. The accusation that I must've planted it there in the first place has not arisen. Surprise, surprise.

Two proofs that mother doesn't think:
1) says that someone took and moved her stuffs. told her that I wasn't home the whole day. she doesn't believe me. so I asked her; even if I was home, is she then going to accuse me? she retorted, who else?! and to think a week ago, she said she's stopped blaming me for all the mis-haps in the house. I knew it was too good to be true.
2) I dropped my mobile into the toilet. informed her, maybe I might need the free phone that her telco's offering her. but the next day, my mobile is alive! and I receive a text from mother saying that she wants to go to the bank when we collect the free phone. I told her, I don't need the new phone because my old one is working. She's not pleased. I asked her, if she had assumed my phone is not working, why then did she text me? She must've have expected a reply, hence, she must have assumed that my phone is working. No answer. muahahah.